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World XCM Champions Vol.1 (Two DVD Set)

by De'Vo; Vlassenko, Max; Lin, J.S., Fatfingerz

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Category: Close Up
Media Type: DVD
Publisher: Handlordz, LLC

Product Description

Learn from the World XCM Champions with step-by-step instructions on 50 of their sickest moves, you'll get an exclusive pass into the arsenal of two of the world's best Xtreme Card Manipulators Max Vlassenko and J.S. Lin. With special guest "The Flourishman" Jerry Cestkowski.
Date Added: Oct 23rd, 2010


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Official Review

September 29th, 2011 4:46pm
Reviewed by Joe Diamond
I was a huge ‘flourisher’ in my early teens. This was about ten years ago, before the terms “Xtreme Card Manipulation” or “Cardistry” existed. While I don’t do any of it in my professional work anymore, I enjoy practicing it, and I do appreciate the skill required to create and pull off some of those moves.

This DVD set features the work of two manipulators. They cut, toss, spread, and shuffle cards in so many different ways, it boggles my mind. No ‘magic effects’ are taught, but many of the moves are magical, because it seems like it is impossible to pull off what you have just seen.

The DVDs are very well shot, and packaged. The menus are a little funky on both discs, and neither have a ‘Play All’ function for the entire DVD. That aside, the teaching is fantastic, and you will have nothing in the way of learning the material. Pulling it off will still take months of practice, though.

The moves themselves are difficult to describe, so I won’t try.... [Read More]

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