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Spiked Coin

by Uday

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Categories: Close Up, Beginners
Media Type: Trick
Publisher: Uday's Magic World

Product Description

It is a penetration effect - the spikes penetrate through the coin or token without damaging it.
Date Added: Oct 12th, 2010
MLA SKU: dhYfJvhxJ7vhhpH


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November 16th, 2010 8:29am
Reviewed by Paul Budd
Y'know, Uday has just been flooding the market with cheap pocket magic lately......but, whatever sells......that's what people will buy!!
This is an old trick......I had one when I was a kid. The "coin" could stand to be about 1 millimeter large in diameter, but overall........a pretty good trick (for the money). I mean, this sells for about a buck....and you can teach it to any 6 year-old in about 1, these days, if you can get anything for a buck that even does what it claims to're doing pretty well!

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