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Phoney Magnet Version 2

by Buss, Eric

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Categories: Stage, Comedy
Media Type: Trick
Publisher: Eric Buss

Product Description

Now with the IPHONE!

Don't let another cell phone interrupt your show! Simply pull out the "Phoney" Magnet at any time during your act, aim and BAM! A cell phone instantly appears stuck on the end!

Easy to Do!
If you can hold a soda can with one hand, you can perform this amazing trick!

"Funny & clever... I keep it ready to use at all times."
- Lance Burton

"I wish I thought of it... Can I market it?"
- Kevin James

"Hilarious! Audiences love it!"
- Chipper Lowell

Don't get mad; get their cell phone!
Date Added: Oct 2nd, 2010


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