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Magigram (Complete, CD-Rom)

by Various

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Categories: Close Up, Stage
Media Type: Computer DVD
Publisher: Martin Breese International

Product Description

THE MAGIGRAM ran for around twenty-seven years and started with the first proper issue in September 1966 and ended in February 1995. There were a total of 22,329 pages and every single page is available on this DVD at the click of a button.

Almost every well-known magician from those years made some form of contribution to the magazine including Billy McComb who had an inspiring regular column.

The magazine started life as a vehicle for advertisements for the Supreme Magic Company but soon developed into a proper magazine that many magicians took out on subscription.

Every branch of magic from close up to illusions was covered and it was one of the most popular UK magic magazines ever.
Date Added: Aug 26th, 2010
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