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Sponge Tennis Balls (Set of 4)

by Wong, Alan

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Categories: Stage, Manipulation
Media Type: Utility Props
Publisher: Alan Wong

Product Description

This is the most super realistic sponge item ever made by Alan Wong. The set comes with four sponge tennis balls.

You can produce them, vanish them, multiply them, throw them out for gags.
They bounce like a real tennis ball too!
Perfect for final loads under cups and balls - and as many as you can fit in!
Date Added: Aug 20th, 2010
MLA SKU: x8HUKszUHw99vvw


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March 21st, 2011 12:04pm
Reviewed by DonB!
I received these and for a moment was surprised by how light they were, momentarily forgetting they are SPONGE.

They look exactly like real tennis balls, from even 2 feet away.

My goal was to use them as a weird ending for egg bag, but here is where I hit a small negative aspect: they are not Goshman style sponge, and they do not collapse as far as I would have hoped.

All 4 will collapse into my hand, but not quite small enough for me to "casually" hide them, and then load them into the egg bag.

Amazingly real-looking prop, but now I will have to find another use for them, or figure out how to hollow them out even more.
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April 15th, 2011 9:46am
Reviewed by chipperPaul's my thing on these: they look great and I mean that!! From 3 inches away.....they look like real tennis balls! See the photo? That's what they look like.
But, they're not reeee-eeeeallly all that soft, to be honest. I have small hands and there's no way I could squeeze even two of these into one hand and everything look OK. I suppose if you need to tuck 4 tennis balls into a load chamber and carefully remove them (or maybe QUICKLY REMOVE THEM)....then maybe these are worth the money.
Maybe the old "rock in my shoe" bit might play with one of these.....I just dunno. If you need something that looks like a tennis ball, but only will squeeze down by about half its original size....then these might be for you!

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