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One Degree

by Guastaferro, John

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Categories: Close Up, Philosophy
Media Type: Book
Publisher: Vanishing Inc.
Publication Summary: 2010, 139 pages
Format: Hardbound with Dust Jacket

Product Description

"I am excited about this book... This collection oozes style and substance from a true auteur."
- John Bannon (from the foreword)

John Guastaferro embodies everything one admires in a magician: he is smooth but not flashy, soft-spoken yet in control. And he is an expert at crafting intelligent magic tricks. With over 130 pages and 240 photos, this elegant, refined collection is comprised of 20 professional card routines and five essays. One Degree features some of the most artistic, refined close-up material to come around in ages.

One Degree explores the small, intentional improvements you can make to elevate the impact of your magic and help you connect more intensely with your audience. Too often we are led to believe that great results require massive changes. John Guastaferro believes that the extraordinary is closer than we think... just one degree away.

"John is unquestionably one of the best minds in magic today... a master of the art."
- Jack Carpenter

"It has been a long time since I read a book where with every routine and every utility move, I said to myself, 'That is going into my repertoire!' One Degree is such a book and belongs in every cardician's library."
- Allan Ackerman

"One Degree satisfies and illuminates to the nth degree!"
- Jon Racherbaumer

"Few creators in our field are so gifted that they leave the patina of their ingenuity on everything they touch-John Guastaferro belongs to this select lot. To see his work brought together in a book, one as beautiful as this, is a joy."
- David Regal

"Many authors try to articulate their inherent enthusiasm for their own creations, often with considerable vividness and opulence. The risk is that the ideas being conveyed fall short of the build-up. John Guastaferro has taken that risk in One Degree-and has come up a winner! Even if he had presented his creations unvarnished and ungarnished, they would have provided their own hype and excitement. Readers will quickly recognize that John, perhaps uniquely, has constructed his tricks, first and foremost, with his spectators in mind."
- J. K. Hartman

What’s Inside

Chapter 1: Get Connected

1. TRUTH IN ADVERTISING: A masterfully constructed “blank” deck opener.

2. EITHER OR: A fun Q&A session brings smiles to the room -and a devious setup.

3. PALM READER PLUS: Four cards amazingly change in your helper’s palm.

ESSAY: Strong Connections

Chapter 2: Hands On Experience

4. INTRO-VERTED: This impromptu Ace production was among 2009′s top ten effects from MAGIC magazine. Includes an must-see variations: Extra-verted and Technicolor Intro-verted.

5. MR. E. TAKES A STROLL: A strolling version of Jack Carpenter’s Mysterious.

6. RELAY: A fun and seemingly impossible revelation of three cards.

ESSAY: The Napkin Approach

Chapter 3: Fourscore

7. QUANTUM KINGS: A devious card to box opener.

8. IMPOSTOR: A dazzling four-card change sequence.

9. SOLO: In this approach to Open Travelers, the cards never come near the deck.

ESSAY: Mental Block

Chapter 4: Pocket Power

10. HOMAGE TO HOMING: A powerful, three-phase card to pocket routine.

11. POCKET CHANGE: A four-card pocket transposition with a surprising twist.

12. KEY CLUB: A quick mental effect you carry with you on your keychain.

ESSAY: Magic T.I.P.S.

Chapter 5: Worker’s Toolbox

13. OVERTURNED COUNTS: New approaches to the Elmsley and Stanyon Counts.

14. BIDDLELESS: A smart, lean and razor-sharp take on The Biddle Trick.

15. DUPLEX CHANGE: John’s deceptive two-card change. Includes many applications.

ESSAY: Serendipity

Chapter 6: Tri-Umph!

16. BEHIND THE BACK TRIUMPH: Your participant un-mixes the cards…behind their back!

17. BALLET STUNNER: John’s take on Paul Harris’ Color Stunner with a visual change and unexpected kicker.

EXTRA: More on the Ballet Cut

Chapter 7: Perfect Storm

18. LOST & FOUND: A signed card vanishes AND reappears inside a clear plastic luggage tag.

19. INTUITION and OUT OF THE BLUE: Many magicians call this two-phase packet effect the best trick of its kind…ever!

20. VINO ACES: A true presentation piece using four wine glasses for a classic Ace Assembly.

EPILOGUE: What’s the Effect?

Pages: 139 - Hardbound
Date Added: Aug 10th, 2010
MLA SKU: jpTEBysrIiqwuzC


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Official Review

July 4th, 2016 11:06am
Reviewed by Dr. J. M. Ayala de Cedoz
This will be the shortest review ever: Buy this.

Okay, okay: I will tell you more and why you really should have this book on your shelf.

First off, this book was just officially added to the library at the Magic Castle, which says a lot. This is the first book by Magic John G., John Guastaferro. You may be initially familiar with him through his videos produced by L&L Publishing, Brainstorm Vols. 1 & 2 and Second Storm Vols. 1 & 2. John has also become quite well-known for his 'One Degree' philosophy which is the very title of this book, One Degree. This book is six years old already and it was published by Vanishing Inc. Magic and the hardcover recently sold out worldwide. They just released a softcover version which is a bit more inexpensive than the $50 hardcover. All of that being the case, it is hard to believe that there are no reviews of it except for blurbs and a very short (though very accurate) video review by Caleb Wiles.

So what is... [Read More]

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