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Pass the Salt

by Setterington, Arthur

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Category: Fiction
Media Type: Book
Publication Summary: 12 pages
Format: Paperback

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A young writer, having difficulty in finding a title for his novel, approached a famous author for advice. The great man asked if either drums or trumpets were mentioned in the book, and receiving a negative reply suggested that an appropriate title would e "No drums, no trumpets".

On the face of it the title of these writings may appear to have been born under similar circumstances. I can assure the reader that this is not so, and offer, what I hope will be a reasonable explanation.

Salt, according to an unknown schoolboy is the stuff that makes one's dinner taste nasty if there isn't any.

Salt gives taste. It makes the ordinary things much more appetizing.

There are, in our lives, incidents, people, and places, which stand out from the ordinary every day events. These things, like salt, make the ordinary, the commonplace more bearable.

This booklet is about such incidents and it is hoped that reading about them will provide interest and enjoyment.
Date Added: Aug 5th, 2010
MLA SKU: 6K3r732m48ziHHX


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