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A Skeptic's Handbook Of Parapsychology

by Kurtz, Paul

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Categories: Bizarre, Mentalism
Media Type: Book
Publication Summary: 1985, 727 pp
Format: Paperback

Product Description

This is the first comprehensive collection of essays by many of the world's leading skeptics and parapsychologists. It combines a detailed history of parapsychology and psychic research with a broad view of the current status of the field.Where does parapsychology stand today? Is parapsychology a science? Has ESP been demonstrated? Does psychic power exist? What do the skeptics have to say about the work of J. B. Rhine, S. G. Soal, the British Society for Psychical Research, and other research in parapsychology? How do they view such well-known "psychic" personalities as Eusapia Palladino, the Fox sisters, and Uri Geller? What are the skeptical evaluations of extrasensory perception, psychokinesis, ghosts, near-death experiences, life after death, poltergeists, "psychic detectives," and other paranormal claims? Although a large majority of the essays have been written expressly for this volume, some classical skeptical pieces are included, such as the confessions of Margaret Fox Kane and Douglas Blackburn.
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