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HMNS Magic! Houdini Magnet

by Houston Museum of Natural Science

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Category: Collectibles
Media Type: Utility Props
Publication Summary: 2010
Format: Magic Prop

Product Description

This is the Houdini souvenir refrigerator magnet featured at the Houston Museum of Natural Science "Magic: The Science of Wonder" exhibit from February 28, 2010 through September 6, 2010. One of four images that serve to promote the exhibit, the magnets are available individually for just $3 each, or just $10 for the entire set. Curated by award winning magician and film maker Scott Cervine, the exhibit features artifacts that belonged to Harry Houdini, Alexander Herrmann, Willard the Wizard and even cups used by Gazzo! These magnets are a great reminder of an unforgettable exhibit!
Date Added: Jul 24th, 2010
MLA SKU: Ry5i7FZeuM57yjD


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