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Ali Bongo: Pongolian Delights

by Bongo, Ali

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Categories: Stage, Comedy
Media Type: DVD
Publisher: The Miracle Factory

Product Description

9 Commercial and Visual Routines from Magic's Great Inventor

- Nearly two hours of footage
- Nine commercial, visual effects fully explained
- Includes stage, close-up, and trade-show material
- Bonus discussions of Bongo's TV work, FISM act, etc.

Ali Bongo (1929-2009) stood as one one magic's most prolific inventors, creating practical and highly visual effects for British television stars like David Nixon and Paul Daniels, and he remains a beloved figure for his wonderful comedy act as the Shriek of Araby.

Ali Bongo: Pongolian Delights includes almost two hours of material in which Bongo explains nine of his creations, all superbly designed for commercial and televised conditions: simple, direct, and magical. The disk includes comedy effects, predictions, close-up, and more.

You'll also be treated to Ali's discussions of his work with Paul Daniels and David Nixon, his FISM acts, and other journeys through his life in magic.
Date Added: May 26th, 2010


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