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New York Coin Seminar Volume 13: Workers United

by Roth, Rubinstein & Gallo

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Category: Close Up
Media Type: DVD

Product Description

Volume 13 (WORKERS UNITED), offers yet ANOTHER TWO PLUS HOURS of 15 practical, hard hitting coin magic used by pros, but easy enough for the average close up magician. Dr. Michael Rubinstein starts off this volume with Copper Silver Brass, a five phase routine that uses no gaffs, and no extra coins! Copper Silver Transposition is the classic effect, made easy to perform with the Rubinstein slide move. The Purse and Glass is Rubinstein's take on Roth's classic showpiece, now made into a stand up worker effect for ALL performing situations!

Mike Gallo shows his take on the Cap and Pence, but steals the show with his rendition of Milton Kort's Four from Two Equals. David Roth follows with his Flurry, giving all the details you need to perform this one coin classic.

Not to be undone, our contributors have gone all out to give you the FINEST coin magic around! Eric DeCamps struts his stuff with his Three Coins and a Ring. Doug Brewer goes Trekkie with Transporter Malfunction. Scotty York sneaks in Bill Swindle. Scott Robinson uses two spectators for his In the Hands CopSilBrass. Marc DeSouza shows some new ideas with his Coins Across, and Dan Watkins reveals a NEW idea, a progressive wild coin that was a BIG hit with the guys at the Seminar, called The Coin Chalice

But wait, there's more!! Our BONUS section finishes the series with two more bonus killer effects by Mike Gallo (does he ever run out of new stuff?), a discussion of coin magic by Roth, a bonus routine by Rubinstein, a performance by Scotty York, and a table discussion of WORKER effects by the fab three.

Running Time: Approximately 120 mins
Date Added: May 11th, 2010
MLA SKU: IcGd6KqBWg3Sxwx


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Official Review

December 15th, 2010 10:01am
Reviewed by Joe Diamond
I’ve reviewed two DVDs in this series before. One was good, one was bad. I took a chance on this one hoping for another surprise. Unfortunately, this one is right down the middle. Some good, some bad.

Michael Rubinstein is definitely the weakest link in these DVDs. For example, on this volume he does a Copper Silver Brass routine that uses no gaffs. Sounds intriguing, doesn’t it? However, by removing the gaffs, he has removed all the advantages of this beautiful effect. There are moments in this routine that are so transparent, that it’s laughable. His other routines on here are equally bad.

On the upside, Eric De Camps gives a nice coins across routine with an intriguing prop. Dan Watkins has a wild coin routine that fooled the hell out of me, and David Roth gives us his famous Flurry routine, complete with a giant coin production at the end! Other interesting ideas are explored by other performers. There are some bill effects as well, and while they aren’t coin tricks,... [Read More]

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