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An Introduction to Flash Products

by Penrose, Scott

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Categories: Stage, Pyrotechnics
Media Type: DVD
Publisher: International Magic

Product Description

The use of a 'Flash product' is the perfect way to enhance a magic trick. Yet, there is very little written or recorded about how, when and where to use these products. On this DVD, Scott Penrose* gives an in depth teaching on everything you'll need to know - including how to store, how to handle, how to use and even how to tell the quality of products available. There's performance and explanation with many uses for both close up and stage magic. There are many effects shown and taught in this lecture by Scott, but most importantly - he shows you how to add some sparkle and surprise into the magic effects you already perform!

  • Silk Production
  • Cane to Silks
  • Cut & Restored Rope
  • Clipped & Restored Note
  • Goldfish Production
  • Banknote in Watch
  • Van Cane various methods
  • Van Candle
  • Gypsy Thread

These are all great professional effects, but with the added touch of some flash products - Scott turns them into powerful and stunning magic tricks!

*Scott Penrose is a professional magician from the London area of England - He's a council member of 'The Magic Circle' and magic adviser to many of the top west end theatre shows.

Running Time:
Approximately 1hr 40mins
Date Added: Apr 24th, 2010
MLA SKU: 1OQroptSH9wx3bE


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Official Review

March 10th, 2011 9:49am
Reviewed by Joe Diamond
This was an informative lecture about using flash paper and flash products. Scott Penrose truly covers all the bases on this DVD. It’s a live taping in front of a lecture audience. Many of the effects are fairly practical for most stand up and close up work. Most of the gimmicks are pretty easy to purchase or make, and are flexible for a variety of different effects.

The only negative I can really point out is that Scott does ramble on from time to time, and repeats himself. There are times when what he is saying has little to do with the topic at hand. There is also a banknote to pocket watch routine where he does the key move in a very sloppy way. However, he does reference Tommy Wonder, so hopefully those interested in this effect will study his work and learn how to do the move deceptively.

That aside, every effect is solid, and usable. These are mostly classic effects like cut and restored rope, and the vanishing cane with a little flash and fire added to them. There are... [Read More]

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