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Amazing String Tricks

by Charles, Kirk

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Category: Beginners
Media Type: Book

Product Description

This book is about Magic Tricks Using String

It is written by a real magician, Kirk Charles. Kirk has performed thousands of magic shows, come for children and some for grown-ups. He has done magic for television shows, commercials, and movies. He has also written magic books for magicians.

Kirk wants you to know that he did not invent these tricks. They came from many different sources. Kirk learned some from books and some from other magicians. The way to learn the tricks is to do them! So make sure you have all the items you need as you read the tricks.

Kirk hopes that you will learn some of these tricks and practice them before you do them. People of all ages love good magic, and the way to perform good magic is to practice!

Read all the instructions for each trick before trying it. If you read something you don't understand, ask your mom, your dad, your older brother, or your older sister to help. But ask them to keep the trick secret
Format: Hardbound
Publication Summary: 2001, 24 pages
Date Added: Apr 16th, 2010
MLA SKU: aRNdJoVc4G5ix5v


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