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Virtual Magic Pro

by Vianney, Benjamin

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Categories: Close Up, Mentalism
Media Type: DVD
Publisher: Benjamin Vacher

Product Description

Perform some magic with your iPhone, and open the door to a brand new and imaginative magic. Do you own an iPhone ? Then turn it into your own assistant, and let your audience experience effects that were impossible before.

Now creator Benjamin Vianney is coming to you with a powerful weapon.

This DVD will allow you to combine yesterday's magic (so attractive) with brand new technologies, going a step further. iPhones or iPods are at the core of this modern technology, and millions of people have one in their pocket. iPhones are used it in many situations : family gatherings, meetings, when having some fun...

So why not using it in order to entertain, surprise and seduce your spectators with a magic that will make them laugh and leave them totally amazed.

In this DVD, Benjamin Vianney is demonstrating and explaining 10 great effects that he uses professionally on a regular basis. You already have an iPhone or iPod Touch ? Then this DVD is just made for you ! You don't have an iPhone or iPod Touch yet ? Go buy one straight away, you won't regret it !

VIRTUAL MAGIC PRO's DVD contains no less than 10 complete routines and 8 applications that can be configured freely to fit your style, only requiring an iPhone, an iPod Touch or an iPad. Go ahead and add your personal touch to all these effects with VIRTUAL MAGIC PRO !

"When Benjamin first showed me some of these effects with his iPhone, I left him with total surprise and had no idea on how the effects were achieved... I still have this feeling when I think of it, because the effects are so pure and unbelievable. This is high level magic, using brand new techniques. The applications are so far away from what can be found around. This is pure wonder !"
- Mickaël Chatelain

DVD includes explanations in English and French (languages)
10 routines and 8 applications (English and French)
All applications can be customized.
Included inside the DVD box : a code to activate the applications

Running Time Approximately: 90min
Date Added: Apr 2nd, 2010


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Official Review

April 13th, 2011 9:54am
Reviewed by Gordon Meyer
If you have an iPhone or iPad touch, and you feel it's a good vehicle for performing magic, you'll really enjoy Virtual Magic Pro. With the purchase of this DVD you get the secrets behind 8 magic tricks that use apps you download for free from the App Store. There are a couple of extra bonuses too, but those apps cost extra.

That's right, the apps are free. Anyone can get them from the App Store, but their listings there are devoid of details. Unless you have the Virtual Magic Pro DVD you'll have to guess how to use them, and even if you do figure out the basics, you'll miss out on the nuances that are discussed on the disc. Because of this lack of information, the reviews in the App Store are brutal. There's no mention of the DVD instructions at all in the listing, so unsuspecting people are getting the apps and finding themselves completely lost as to their function and purpose. But you, my dear reader, now know what's going on and how to obtain the missing information.

The... [Read More]

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