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Lecture Book 2009

by Gemmell, David

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Category: Close Up
Media Type: Lecture Notes

Product Description

From the introduction by Peter Duffie:

When I think of card magic and Wales, three names immediately spring to mind: Cardini, Trevor Lewis and Rovi (the Welsh Wizard). After reading this book, you may wish to add David Gemmell to this list.

David hails from Portsmouth in southern England and has been interested in magic for almost thirty years. But for the past five years he has been hiding in the hills of southern Wales where he has been creating new and interesting card effects. Thankfully, he has now decided to share some of his routines in this booklet.
David's specialty is taking a known premise and twisting it into something new, sometimes turning the original plot completely on its head.

In this book David visits many familiar plots, including; Collectors, transpositions, Ace routines, sandwich transpo, Ambitious Card, Hofzinser Card Problem, and so on. Due to care in construction, difficult and unnecessary moves have been eliminated, and the most direct route has been taken almost every time.

I am sure you will find this collection of card magic both interesting and inspiring. So, grab a deck of cards as I now leave you in the very capable hands of David Gemmell.

Format: eBook
Publication Summary: 2009
Date Added: Mar 20th, 2010


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