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Lewis Carroll Packet

by Lead, Brian

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Categories: History, Fiction
Media Type: Book

Product Description

Here's what you get in this very nice package: An attractive A4 format cover with a color Tenniel illustration on the front, THE WALRUS AND THE CARPENTER poem on the back. There are 8 variants on the cover illustration (and likely the poem on the back). A flyer from a theatrical production of Alice's Adventures in Wonderland is tipped inside. An enveloped contains a die cut greeting card (the one I checked had the hare checking his watch, but there are five different characters) which has been signed and numbered by Brian Lead... Note that the numbers go from 1898 to 1998, the 101 years since Lewis Carroll's death at the time this was issued... The one I looked at had the number 1948. The booklet THE MAGIC OF ALICE: Reflections on the Double World of Lewis Carroll by Brian Lead is a nicely produced, saddle-stitched booklet of 24 pages, based on a lectured delivered by Lead at the Magic Circle on May 16, 1998. It includes a bibliography. There is also a postcard with an Alice Postage Stamp image (again, there may be variants on the postcard) and a reproduction of the front page and an inner notice (on the reverse) of the Chelteham Looker-On from April 4, 1863 reporting on the performance of Herr Dobler, whose performance was attended by Carroll and Alice, as argued persuasively by Lead in his monograph. This is a very nice gathering of Alice and Lewis Carrroll items, plus a scarce monograph on his connection to magic history.
Format: Paperback
Date Added: Feb 28th, 2010
MLA SKU: Dwa9hhP7p2GR0r0


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