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You Are Here Notes

by Acer, David

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Category: Close Up
Media Type: Lecture Notes

Product Description

Mousehunt - A sandwich effect with an interesting presentation.

Over Easy - A Packet Triumph Effect

Bespectacle - Borrowed Ring links to the magician's glasses

Huot Control - Michel Huot

Changes - A series of beautiful changes routined into a cohesive whole.

PLOP - Richard Sanders - Production of an item from a purse frame.

Misguided Angel - One of the angels from a card back rotates 180 degrees.

Switchback - Two different color decks, one in the magician's hands, the other in the card box, change places.

Pay Up- Steve Duperre

Jim's Pick - A card set to the side with the word's "Jim's Pick" on it, is shown to be the spectator's freely selected card.
Format: Paperback
Publication Summary: 1999, 22 pp

Date Added: Jan 29th, 2010
MLA SKU: dxZcwpJ20dhUtdB


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