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DiaMonte (DVD and Cards)

by Diamond Jim Tyler

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Categories: Close Up, Gambling
Media Type: DVD
Publisher: Diamond Jim Productions

Product Description

Traditional three card monte routines are confusing. Half of the time your audience gets mixed up as to which card is which. And remember what the Professor Dai Vernon once said, "Confusion is not magic!"

Effect: The magician fans three cards face-up to show one red Queen sandwiched between two Jokers. Without mixing them the cards are turned face-down and a spectator is asked to locate the Queen. Each time the spectator chooses a card- it is shown to be a Joker. For the finale the Queen visibly changes into a Joker- making all of the cards Jokers. Then to everyone's surprise the cards are handed out for inspection or as a souvenir!

There is NO palming, switches, double-lifts, rough & smooth, multiple push-offs or special printed cards.

The sleight of hand employed is minimal and you will likely be performing this in minutes after watching the DVD. While any brand of card can be used, I've included some poker Bicycle cards to get you started.

"This has been my favorite three card monte routine for twenty years because it looks so fair, seems move-less, packs a big punch and ends clean. I also think that it will fast become your favorite version of the monte!"
- Diamond Jim Tyler
Date Added: Jan 20th, 2010
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April 16th, 2010 2:49pm
Reviewed by chipperPaul
It is truly a rare thing for my to give ANYTHING 5 just doesn't (hardly ever) happen. DiaMonte deserves all 5 of those stars and more. Jim Tyler is a top-rate professional.
This effect is so clean and smooth and Jim presents it in a properly smooth fashion.

A flawless DVD, production-wise.......nice case/graphics.....and the gimmicked/cards are a straight forward as you could ever want. He spends a great deal of time, casually discussing many little nuances about what makes the trick work and what might hurt your performance of the trick.

I WILL BE BUYING more of this gentleman's stuff!!
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Official Review

April 15th, 2011 9:49am
Reviewed by Joe Diamond
Diamond Jim Tyler has created a new routine for this classic effect. The great additions to this version of 3 Card Monte are that you END clean, and you do not use a table at any point!

The DVD shows Jim performing the effect in several different contexts, and it shows the reactions this routine gets both in the bars, and on the streets. While on the surface it may seem that this is just an “Ellusionist” knock off, it really does show the versatility of this effect, and it’s premise. The method is also very well constructed to make it undetectable.

While I feel the routine itself is a little all over the place, I think it has some interesting moments. There is a moment where a card is supposedly a double backer, and then changes to a normal card. While I think it’s unnecessary to seemingly expose a gaff in a routine, the reactions to the change at this moment of the routine is quite strong. All in all, I think people will change the routine to fit their persona anyway.... [Read More]

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