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by John Hausheer

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Category: Close Up
Media Type: Trick
Publisher: Gusto Magic

Product Description

Here is a humorous new twist to the classic rising card trick. Not one, not two, not even three but FOUR cards rise from the deck.

The introductory story: There once was a court jester who displeased a great and powerful king, the king condemned the Court Jester to live forever in a castle of cards. This is that castle and the Court Jester still lives here.

A spectator freely selects any card from the deck and is asked to remember the card. The card is then returned to the deck. You command the Court Jester to reveal himself. The Court Jester rises from the deck. As you remove the Jester and wave it over the deck, you ask the Jester to reveal the spectators card. The Jester ignores you. You place the Jester back into the deck and ask again for him to reveal the chosen card. A card rises stating: NO! The card lowers itself. You ask the Jester if he knows what the queen will do to Jesters who spoil magic tricks and the third card rises, a Queen card which states:OFF with his Head! You then ask Court Jester, will you now reveal the chosen card? and the chosen card rises from the deck.

Hand the card out for inspection. Have the spectator sign the card for added effect.

Instant re-set. Perform over and over.

No forces

No wires or threads

No magnets

Trick includes gimmicked Bicycle deck and full instructions. Easy to learn and perform.
Date Added: Dec 21st, 2009
MLA SKU: EN2Oq5MEJ80ewpy


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January 12th, 2010 8:10am
Reviewed by chipperPaul
I would describe the included patter with this effect (as it is a "story" trick.....the prescribed patter is a critical part of how the trick works) as prosaic and pedantic at best. Also an issue which lowered this trick's rating is that the instruction's recommendations regarding the physical handling of the effect are just plain wrong.....referring to the "left" when it's really right (and vice versa). Admittedly, there are no electronics or wires required to effect this, I would say that the basic construction of the gimmicked deck is pretty good and affords you to handle the deck pretty much as required.

Also, the instructions recommended removing a few cards from the box/deck.....I found just the opposite to be beneficial. Overall, this trick had some potential, but it falls short. I believe it is only available from one dealer.......I can't see many dealers being interested in this effect.

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