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Sucker Acrobatic Blocks

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Category: General
Media Type: Trick

Product Description

The performer shows three solid different colored wooden blocks, red, white and blue, and a tube which is just wide enough to hold the blocks. The three blocks are dropped into the tube in a particular order, say red, white and blue. The complete tube is turned over, end for end, and lifted up. Logically, the order of the blocks should also be reversed, to blue, white and red, but they are still in the original order, - red, white and blue.

This is repeated a couple of times. However, the audience can hear a tell-tale sound when the supposedly empty tube is placed on the table, and are convinced the magician is using an extra block of wood concealed in the tube. The magician pretends not to notice, placing the red block in one pocket, and the blue in another, having them change places, to show how the blocks magically change colors. The audience is not impressed, - they want to see what is inside the tube. Finally, after some by play, the magician lifts up the tube, to reveal the eggs-tra ordinary climax. For there is no extra cube in the tube, - just the egg . A solid wooden egg is displayed. And finally the tube, cubes and egg can be handed over for examination, - there are no shells, moving or sliding parts or fakes, - everything is solid and genuine.
Date Added: Mar 16th, 2003


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