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Switcher (with DVD and Gimmick)

by Asi Wind

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Category: Mentalism
Media Type: Utility Props

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"Asi's performances and creations elevate the art of magic."
- David Blaine

"You should have released this in a limited edition, one for you and one for me."
- Jon Armstrong

"No misdirection, no blackout, Switcher is the covert utility device for any professional mentalist or literate thief."
- Apollo Robbins

Asi's reputation maker is now released for the first time. A utility device for magicians and mentalists that enables you to secretly switch one book for another in full view of your audience.

Effect: A spectator chooses one book from a stack of books; then he chooses and tears out any page. The page is marked and burned. Finally the spectator finds the page restored and bound back in the book which he held throughout the routine. The book may be given as a souvenir.

Includes a DVD with a live performance and in-depth explanations. Plus bonus routines.
Date Added: Nov 5th, 2009


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Official Review

June 4th, 2010 3:29pm
Reviewed by Christian
This is very cool. It is so difficult to write this review without giving away the secret. So very clever and a book switch that no one will detect, it is simply awesome.

You get the “device” and a DVD that shows Asi’s use of it. On the DVD Asi says that he is sure that the device’s potential has not been fully realized and I agree totally. On the DVD Asi demonstrates a very nice effect with the gimmick. He also explains that this effect was the reason the gimmick was developed. He does throw out some other ideas, but essentially the effect on the DVD was why he came up with the gimmick. It will not take too much grey matter for most entertainers to start coming up with other ideas for this clever device.

Bottom line…this gimmick allows you to switch one book for another..undetected. And you could switch other things…like a note pad..a wallet… an envelope..etc… Oh, I’ve said too much already.

Highly recommended.

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