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The Card That Can't Be Palmed training video

by Nathan Kranzo

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Category: Close Up
Media Type: Computer DVD
Publisher: Kranzo Magic

Product Description

The Card That Can't Be Palmed

"I perform, lecture, consult, and give personal magic instruction all over the world. At lectures, conventions, and gatherings people will often walk up to me and ask me to show them 'that one thing...'

This is the thing.
One of my most requested visual eye candy moments.

You will learn:

The full animation sequence and variations
How to get into position for the effect
Alternate ways to start AND finish the effect
Kranzo's UPDATED handling for the vanish
Personal tips on the Srecko Howard Pop-Out Move
PLUS I will demonstrate several options to end the routine including a one card pass, one handed top palm, and the infamous Srecko Howard Pop Out Move."
Date Added: Nov 3rd, 2009
MLA SKU: IsqUZznrFOG9arg


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November 6th, 2009 7:21am
Reviewed by chipperPaul
OK....I was only going to give this one 3 stars, but I decided to bump it up 1/2 star for the simple reason that there's some pretty great sleights taught on this video.

First, when you review something like a downloadable video like're really reviewing two things.....the video itself (meaning the basic mechanics of how the person used the medium) AS WELL AS the content of the video. For the price, it was a pretty good investment.

In my opinion, this gentleman really needs to get more professional about camera angles, editing etc. I think he needs to get more input from others......there is just something EXTREMELY rushed-out-the-door about his videos. His videos consistently scream, "I filmed this in my kitchen before running errands last Saturday."

Be aware that the performance video found on his web site IS NOT included in this video......a little bit weird. Furthermore, there is a lack of clear flow re: the sequence of segments, as this "trick" is closer... [Read More]

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