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The Lighter Leash Combo Pack plus training video

by Nathan Kranzo

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Categories: General, Stage, Pyrotechnics, Manipulation
Media Types: Trick, Computer DVD
Publisher: Kranzo Magic

Product Description

Oh what a fun toy!
What is the Lighter Leash?

As you can see in the photo it is a special rubber gripper attached to a REEL. The gripper will hold any small object that fits in it. You can vanish pretty much anything!

Years ago Mark Horowitz (Lee Asher's dad) gave me a lighter on a pull. I attached that to my belt loop and was surprised at how much fun it was to make the lighter vanish. Every time someone would pull out a smoke I would light their cigarette for them, and vanish the lighter. Anytime I would light a piece of flash paper, or anything, I would vanish the lighter. At first it was a throw away but I soon realized how strong it could be to vanish an object that was just a moment ago ON FIRE.and show your hands completely empty.

Then came this cool lighter reel!

This little gizmo was built for magicians and I've been using one to vanish lighters, coins, and other small object for a long time. You can vanish one, two, three, four, and even five half dollars!

It holds any standard bic style lighter that you will find in gas stations and convenience stores around the world. The device can also be used to vanish a number of small objects.

The special rubber gripper works like a dream to quickly vanish a handful of coins and just about anything that can fit inside!!!

Will vanish well over a dollars worth of loose change. Vanish it -- or transform it into a dollar bill!
A silk or handkerchief.

The gripper will hold up to FIVE half dollars AND a shell! Perform some killer coin work and then vanish all of the coins! Ross Bertram would slay people with his this identical method.

Here is a closer look at the perfect fit.

It will SECURELY grip ONE half dollar just as easily as four...Will vanish Sharpies, Pens, Pencils, etc.

Even a bottle of VODKA!

If it fits, you can vanish it.

Ross Bertram fooled a room full of aristocrats while Dai Vernon looked on one evening. Vernon was fooled badly by what Ross did. Ross was surrounded by spectators and managed to vanish a handful of coins bare handed!!!

Vernon wouldn't leave him alone until he showed him the vanish. Vernon persisted and finally Ross took him in a corner to show him the method. When Ross showed Vernon his pull he scoffed and stormed away! Vernon was mad that he had been fooled by a pull! Now you can fool them all as well!!!

What is on the training video?

You will learn:

"The Lighter Vanish"

I'll teach you the basic lighter vanish which can be applied to basically any small object.

"Alternate Anchor Points", and "Getting Leashed"

Getting the Lighter Leash into play under the cover of removing an object from your pocket.


Blazing Coin

One of my favorite "PLAYS HUGE" coin vanishes. The coin vanishes in a huge ball of fire. Not only that but so does the lighter! Everything in your hands vanishes. Can be performed close up or Stand up. To the working performer this is a very valuable tool.

What are you waiting for? Order now while supplies last!
WARNING. If you play with fire you may get burned. Kranzo Magic accepts no responsibility for anyone who harms themselves with a lighter, fire, or flash paper.
Date Added: Oct 13th, 2009
MLA SKU: KvaQ0f9Gv7Iq7LY


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October 19th, 2009 3:55pm
Reviewed by chipperPaul
First....a little clarification is in order: note that the "name" of this effect is actually the name of a "package".....specifically, that's the way Mr. Kranzo set up this combo on his web site. So the total package I'm reviewing here = 2 Lighter Leashes and his training video......3 "items" per se. That's important. You can buy individual lighter leases and just skip the video entirely from his site.
So, with this combo, you get 2 Lighter Leashes and an instructional video (download). The leashes are exactly as you see in the photo.....they're retractable reels (you'll often see employee ID badges dangling from these with the reel attached to somenone's shirt). There is a rubberized receptacle of-sorts into which all manner of stuff can be stuffed......basically, it's a great, new fangled "pull". The reels work superbly and they're just plain fun to play with. They work nicely as just an easy& clever place to keep a lighter dangling from your belt and obviously would be superb... [Read More]

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