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Ultimate Devil Stick

by Aidan Debradney Esquire II

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Category: Juggling
Media Type: DVD

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From the unforgiving streets of dissident Europe, the lowly urchin Aidan DeBradney Esquire II rose in the ranks of visual performers. Now he is prepared to divulge his innermost understanding of the Devil Sticks to those willing to lend an ear.

Magic Geek Inc. is proud to present the most complete instructional DVD on Devil Sticks and Flower Sticks ever assembled!

DVD Includes:
  • Types of Devil Sticks
  • Getting Started
  • Throws
  • Spins
  • Handle Variations
  • Body Work
  • Balances
  • Recoveries and Pickups
  • And Lots More
Each section features four different ways to learn: in-studio explanations, slow-motion examples, visual diagrams, and real-world demonstrations.

This DVD builds confidence in beginners, getting them revved up to push their boundaries. Intermediate players will enjoy the extreme collection of tricks and easy-to-follow breakdowns.

Running Time Approximately: 46mins
Date Added: Jul 26th, 2009
MLA SKU: zhJwtEY7CpwnAGt


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