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Art of Magic

by Wayne Houchin

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Wayne Houchin's Art of Magic is a groundbreaking instructional DVD on classic and contemporary magic tricks. This 120 minute - performance and instructional DVD features a unique look at the current state of magic. Including interviews with David Regal, Aaron Fisher, Dan and Dave Buck and (of course) Wayne Houchin. The interviews are combined with live performance footage of WH performing both on the street and at The Magic Castle - from South Beach, Miami to Hollywood, California.


- A 60 minute documentary on the Art of Magic featuring David Regal, Aaron Fisher, Dan & Dave, and WH.

- An in-depth 60 minute teaching session during which Wayne Houchin explains how to perform 5 of the effects that were featured in the documentary. You will learn:

TWISTING THE ACES - Wayne Houchin's handling of Dai Vernon's classic effect. The four aces magically turn face up one at a time. Clean, beautiful, and amazing.

FRENCH KISS - You ask someone to sign a playing card - the card is then folded up and placed in your spectator's mouth. You take and sign another card - which you then fold up and place in your mouth. Impossibly, the 2 folded up cards switch places. Your signed signed card is in the spectator's mouth and her card is in yours. Simple and powerful.

WH RING+STRING MYSTERY - A piece of string visually penetrates through a borrowed ring. New, unique, practical, and FUN.

MATCH BITE - A lit match is extinguished on your tongue. The magician then bites off the burnt end, chews it up, and spits it back onto the match. Impromptu and uses only one match.

CARBON PAPER - An incredibly powerful effect contributed to AOM by Jay Sankey. The back of a playing card is burned - your spectator FEELS the burn from that card travel through their hand and end up on a signed card that has been between their hands for the entire effect... leaving the originally burnt card completely unharmed. Performed and taught by Wayne Houchin.

The documentary and instructional portions of this DVD attempt to capture a modern look at the Art of Magic through personal anecdotes, advice, and live performance. The interviews touch on everything from the presentation of magic to advice for beginners, and why magician's fail. The effects taught are practical and suitable for both beginners and the intermediate student. Welcome to Art Of Magic.

Running Time Approximately: 2 hrs
Date Added: Jul 16th, 2009


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Official Review

April 14th, 2011 9:50am
Reviewed by Jeff Stone
Wayne Houchin is a smooth operator for sure. In a world of extreme "magic" like Criss Angel and low key presentation-less magic like all the Blaine and Angel wannabes, Mr. Houchin is a breath of fresh air. He has a knack for striking that balance between distant mysterious figure and up close and personal down to earth guy. It's not an easy balance. You see it all the time on the trailers for a lot of the crap put out these days. The teaser shows dark moments and eerie effects making the so called magician look all mysterious and mystical. Then cut to the performance of said wannabe, and you get some doofus with his lack of personality and brilliant look-watch-watch-look presentation.

With Houchin, it's all about the WYSIWYG. That's geek-speak for What You See Is What You Get. He's the real deal, and it comes across perfectly in this DVD. The effects are perfect, and the performances are beautiful and artistic. He leaves an impression on his audiences. At the very moment they feel... [Read More]

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