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Al Koran Professional Presentations

by Hugh Miller

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Categories: General, Mentalism
Media Type: Book
Publisher: Martin Breese
Publication Summary: 131 pgs.
Format: Hardbound with Dust Jacket

Product Description

This is the first of many re-releases by Martin Breese offering books previously published by Harry Stanley.

Al Koran's Professional Presentations is a magical classic and was first published in 1967 by Harry Stanley at the Unique Magic Studio. The original publication was marred by poor photographic reproduction so this new edition from Martin Breese has illustrations by Paul Griffin based on the original photographs. Hugh Miller has contributed a fascinating and lengthy introduction which explains a great deal about the background of this book which is a 'must' for every performer's library. "Each effect is a stunner and the original Koran Medallion and many other now classic effects, are explained in detail."

Pages 80 - Hardbound w/ Dust Jacket
Date Added: Jul 3rd, 2009


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