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by Sankey Magic

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Category: Mentalism
Media Type: Trick

Product Description

99 is the perfect mental effect.

The mentalist invites someone to MENTALLY CHOOSE any two digit number. They can choose two digits from their own phone number, their street address, driver's license, serial number on a dollar bill in their wallet, the page number of a newspaper or magazine, the date on a coin in their pocket. Literally ANY way they want.

The performer then introduces a strip of paper, listing 99 different household objects. Beside each object is a number from 1 to 99 and the spectator is asked to MERELY THINK of the object listed at their own randomly chosen two digit number.

Without any fishing whatsoever the mentalist divines the object the spectator is thinking of. Even better, the performer can immediately REPEAT THE EFFECT for another spectator with a different two digit number and different object among the 99!

  • Completely self-working!
  • Never misses!
  • You can immediately repeat the effect with a different 2-digit number and with a different object on the list!
  • Perfect for intense 1-on-1 psychic demonstrations or performances in front of large groups!
  • List folds for ideal portability!
  • Includes everything you need to perform this astounding mental effect including a full length instructional DVD and the special list printed on 3-layered, super strong, stain and tear-resistant Yupo brand synthetic paper!
Date Added: May 24th, 2009
MLA SKU: iAddsxFyGEba5jV


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July 21st, 2014 6:56am
Reviewed by DaveSmock
Having had some of Jays work with this principle I was fairly sure what was going on in the preview, and that didn't bother me. Sankey is a rare miss. 99 is a wonderful pock-mentalism effect. The lists are great. The method is a surefire. NOTE: The spectator does merely think of the word.

I'm cheap because I'm on a low income. I would have liked to see another list or two. I think it came with a way to use two, but another list would have blown it over the top. I wouldn't hesitate to get this. The quality of materials is above and beyond. It isn't regular cheap tear-able paper.
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