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MXL Margarita XL

by Sean Scott

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Category: General
Media Type: One-Trick DVD
Publisher: Sean Scott

Product Description

No fumbling or awkward movements, just the smoothest and most elegant production of the largest glass your audience has ever seen! Glasses much larger than pictured may be used. An instant reputation maker. Perfect for restaurants, strolling & nightclubs. Perform in a t-shirt if desired. Uniquely different from any other glass production.


Performer walks to a table or group of spectators, introduces himself and unfurls an attractive scarf he has been holding in the palm of his right hand. The silk is approximately 36" square with an attractive fine art print of an outdoor restaurant. The scene includes buildings, streets, chairs, tables, people dining and a waiter. A spectator is asked to choose the table from the scene, which has a glass resting upon it. After a moment of the spectator searching, the magician asks the spectator to just touch any table for the sake of timeliness. The spectator touches their finger to a table. The magician looks over the scarf to see the location and pinches the selected area of cloth, while saying, "Lets take a closer look". He then pulls the scarf straight up off of his hand to reveal a giant Margarita style glass measuring approximately 8 inches wide by 11 inches tall! The spectators reel back in their seats, while trying to conceive where the glass could have come from. They realize the magician is wearing nothing that could have allowed him to hide an object of that size! The magician immediately places the glass on the table or hands it to a spectator, so all may examine. The spectators see the glass is 100% real! A modern miracle of "SIZE-MIC" PROPORTIONS!

MXL Features:
-Various sizes & styles of glasses.
-Reset is 2 seconds.
-No special clothing required.
-Performer's hands stay in view the entire time.
-DVD several ideas for using different objects to produce glasses, along with producing different items.

Running Time Approximately 2hr 52min
Date Added: May 15th, 2009
MLA SKU: LDT711Ek18k7V5v


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Official Review

April 30th, 2010 3:01pm
Reviewed by Eugene Burger
Sean Scott has discovered that one can perform Tommy Martin’s Wine with a very large glass. In fact, the glass can be 20 inches tall. (If you want to learn more about the Tommy Martin version, look up "The Proverbial Opener" in Sharp’s Expert , page 30.) Martin had some quite sophisticated handlings that did not entail, as does M.X.L, such inelegant moments as putting an edge of the cloth under your chin.

Plus, the famous Martin Glass Production was the production of a glass of liquid, not an empty glass. Martin drank the liquid and then produced 12 Silver Dollars which were dropped them into the glass — making sounds that filled the theater. As a fourteen year old, I sat mesmerized watching Tommy Martin’s performance at the Chicago Theater.

Here, with M. X. L., one produces an empty glass. This is quite a different effect. And performers must answer these questions for themselves: Why am I producing a giant empty... [Read More]

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