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Time for a Change

by Lee Alex

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Category: Costume
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Product Description

British born illusionist Lee Alex, the creator of the "Colour Change Waistcoat", "Snow Leopard Vest" and "Happy Birthday Waistcoat", translator and co-author of the book "QuickChange" and Merlin Award winner "Illusionist of the Year - 2009" voted by the board of the International Society of Magicians asks "Time for a Change?"

Jeff McBride, Las Vegas headliner, described these lecture notes in one word as "gorgeous!"

The all new bumper notes which accompany the lecture of the same name presented in an easy to read, practical to follow, step by step description. Lee shares a complete set of no less than five costume changes for men which have been designed with the working magician in mind. Innovative, refreshing techniques from Lee's own repertoire:
"And so to Bed": pyjamas, bathrobe and slippers change to a full tuxedo.
"One Piece Suit": a full tuxedo, complete with light-up jacket changes to a casual suit of the same colour.
"Two Piece Suit": a casual suit changes almost visually into the magician wearing cargo shorts, and a Bermuda shirt.
"Surf the Wave": the magician is wearing a short sleeved shirt and cargo shorts, complete with leis! In a flash the magician changes into a white long sleeved shirt and black trousers.
"The Long and the short of it":how to prepare long sleeved garments and long trousers to change from short sleeved shirts and short trousers.

Lee introduces a new quick change gimmick and shares his routines to accompany his best-selling "Colour Change Waistcoat".

In addition, a novelty kilt for our male magicians who prefer to wear a skirt (can also be used for female costumes) and a brand new illusion based on Lee's extensive knowledge of quick change - "Hermione". Further more two essays, one providing a formula to bring your close up magic to the stage, the other a magicians guide to shopping and how to prevent filling that over flowing bottom drawer!

190 pages fully illustrated and accompanied by explicative photographs - hardbound
Date Added: Apr 15th, 2009


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