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Tabarin Hat (Le chapeau de TABARIN)

by Patrice Curt

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Categories: Stage, Costume, Comedy
Media Type: DVD

Product Description

After so many years of comedy and magic, Patrice Curt managed to combine these two arts in his show "The hat Tabarin" from which this DVD is based.

From a simple slice of felt, you can submit a quarantine of characters.

In this DVD production MAGICAPLANET all figures are presented, chained, and then detailed one by one so that you can develop your own show. Moreover, for better understanding, it is filmed from several angles and in three languages, thus allowing you to see every detail of manipulation.


- Presentation of the hat Tabarin

- Manufacturing and maintenance of the Hat

- Figures flat The baby, the matamore, the Tuareg ...

- Figures at a bend

The fisherman, good sister, the devil, Chinese, the pirate, the drunkard ...

- Figures on two folding
The priest, lackeys, the rocker, the Navy official, the harlequin ...

- Figures with pliers
Turkish, Pinocchio, the clown white, the sorcerer, the farm ...

Language: English, French, Spanish - Length: 100 min - Multi DVD.
Date Added: Dec 5th, 2008


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