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Lexicon Phenomena

by Devin Knight and Al Mann

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Category: Mentalism
Media Type: Trick

Product Description

Two participants secretly choose words from a "real vocabulary book" containing hundreds of words. There are no duplicate words in the book's word list. The two participants then look up their respective words in an ungimmicked dictionary. The performer, who can be 15 feet or more away, divines both words. He does this without touching either book or asking any questions. The performer REALLY does not know what words or page the participants have chosen until he reveals the two chosen words. The participants need not write anything. The participants say nothing. Each person need only silently read the definition of his or her selected word and think.

This is not a first word on the page effect. The participants do not use any mathematics to arrive at their words. They simply open the vocabulary book to any page and freely choose two words from anywhere on the page. No forces of any kind are used. Both the 56-page vocabulary book and the dictionary may be read from cover to cover.

There are no stooges or instant stooges. No pre-show work of any kind is used. This is a one-man effect that can be repeated instantly using different words. Both books can be examined and nothing will be found amiss.

"One of mentalism's most prolific and talented creators, Devin Knight has once again created a mind-boggling effect that FOOLED everyone at Mindvention 2008. It's a hands-off, totally examinable book test that requires no memorization or sleights and is VERY impressive."

"Clever, concise and clean! Al Mann would be proud of the clever improvements Devin has incorporated into this fine effect."
- Docc Hilford

"I've admired Devin Knight for more years than I care to remember. That he is 'clever' is an UNDERSTATEMENT. Devin is the real deal and his latest testimonial to Al Mann is as clean as it gets. Even Al himself, would be blown away!"
- Larry Becker

- Christopher Taylor

"Simple, direct, and well thought-out. All the work is in and the fun begins NOW!"
- Lee Earle

"Devin performed his "Improved Lexicon Phenomena' for me at the Vegas Mindvention and fooled me completely. As is typical with Devin, often his methods are even more interesting than the effect, which is the case here (though the effect IS very strong). You would not believe the thinking behind this. Devin was fooling everyone with this. Highly recommended!"
- Tim Trono
Date Added: Dec 5th, 2008
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Official Review

July 28th, 2009 9:24am
Reviewed by Jeff McBride
I'm a fan of Al Mann, mostly as an inventor, rather than a performer. I never did get to see him do a formal show. In the mid-70s, I would frequent Larry Weeks' one day magic convention at the Diplomat hotel in New York City. Al Mann had a dealer's table there. He would stand behind his table, and speak in a low, gentle voice. He never seemed to "demo" anything, but, to the guys that were into mental magic, he was "The Man."

It's only been in recent years that I've gotten to know the writer and inventor behind the person. I collect Al Mann manuscripts. All of his writings inspire creativity and open my eyes to the astonishing methods that he would utilize in the creation of his routines. Now, Devin Knight has updated his Lexicon Phenomena book test.

Here's what you get:
16 pages of instructions, including a working script
Five pieces of light posterboard that are 8.5 X 11 (these will be used to write on during the course of the book test)
A 753 page Webster's New... [Read More]

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