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Stage Hypnosis Pre-Talk and Induction Las Vegas

by Richard Nongard

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Category: Hypnotism
Media Type: DVD

Product Description

Without an effective pre-talk, stage hypnosis simply cannot be done successfully.

Veteran Hypnosis Guru Richard Nongard will teach you how to do it, right!

Pre-talk is the core foundation of a successful stage hypnosis show. On this easy to follow instructional DVD, Richard teaches you how to prepare the audience for experiencing hypnosis, from applying convincers to generate audience participation to understanding the language patterns that lead to success, and more.

This video provides both classroom-style instruction and actual clips from a real, live Las Vegas stage hypnosis show, so you can see the concepts and process in action.

You will learn:
> How to build rapport with the audience during pre-talk
> What to tell people to make them want to come up on stage
> Why and how to do stage show convincers or suggestibility pre-tests
> How to propel the audience into continued involvement
> How to do a phenomenal stage show induction for deep trance results

Richard Nongard's powerful 5-stage induction has been used successfully in thousands of stage hypnosis shows, and it's a favorite - because it works!

Running Time Approximately 1hr 20min
Date Added: Nov 24th, 2008


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