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2-in-1 Pro Lecture (CD w/Bonus Book)

by Jeff Hobson

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Categories: Stage, Comedy
Media Type: Book

Product Description

Hobservations on the Business of Magic Jeff Hobson tells you what other pros won't about the business of magic. he gives you the inside scoop on dealing with agents, booking venues, and includes real examples of his contracts, riders, and other documents that he uses.

Hobson's Choice Lecture
IBM Award-Winning magic from one of the busiest magicians in the world. Jeff Hobson gives out his most practical and workable effects. Effects include stage, close-up, kids and manipulation magic.

Ribbons Thru - A great audience participation effect where you cut-in-half three children at once.

Candle to Ball - A startling, visual quickie to add to your manipulation.

Red's Card Trick - Divide a pack of cards into four Royal Flushes without looking. A poker players dream!

Caucasian Box - Playing cards dropped into a box disappear and so does the bottom of the box! A real fooler!

Kiss Card Trick - Hobson's twist on the classic.

Dime Store Salt Pour - Hobson's pet version of this trick made with a common gimmick and a few, inexpensive items that you'd never expect.

Bonus Book
HOBSERVATIONS on Comedy Clubs by Jeff Hobson

Mac/PC CD-ROM - PDF Format
Date Added: Nov 24th, 2008
MLA SKU: IYkoy28h1lulT5f


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