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The Gypsy Curse

by Tonny van Rhee

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Categories: Bizarre, Close Up
Media Type: Trick

Product Description

This is the perfect start into the Gypsy Deck series. Do you remember the "Gypsy Curse" by Peter Kane? This is one of the absolute classics of all Wild Card effects where you change a whole bunch of 9 of Spades into Kings of Diamonds! Only by the Gypsy Curse.

The routine from Tonny van Rhee goes further, the handling is even more convincing, a special moment is added when the old golden coin of the gypsy falls out of cards!

You get the whole Gypsy Curse set, containing the necessary gaffed cards, the golden coin of the gypsy, an old looking envelope and the routine by Tonny van Rhee on a DVD.
Date Added: Aug 20th, 2008


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Official Review

September 25th, 2008 11:06am
Reviewed by Scott Brown
Peter Kane's lowly pitch shop trick "The Gypsy Curse" has been elevated to it's rightful place by Germany's Card-Shark Christian Schenk and Tonny van Rhee. For years "The Gypsy Curse" could be found among the slum magic at pitch shops everywhere. This "Wild Card" variation offered an interesting plot as well as visual finale. It's dated packaging as well as unbelievable plastic coated cards doomed this potentially memorable effect to a mere trick. Even improvements in Ron Bauer's manuscript could not save "The Curse".

Enter Card-Shark and Tonny van Rhee. As apparent by Ron Bauer's entry into the history of this trick, many recognized the value in this "Wild Card" variation. The first and most obvious obstacle to overcome was the hideous cards produced for the original packet trick. The plastic coated monstrosities have been replaced with beautifully aged cards on a Bicycle quality stock. Card Shark also offers a complete "Gypsy Deck" for those interested; while not the... [Read More]
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June 9th, 2011 12:43pm
Reviewed by Roland
This updated version has been created with beautifully designed high quality cards. In fact, when the enclosed envelope and cards are laid on the table, the spectators curiosity is immediately focused.

Negatives: The cards are a bit "sticky". This can be treated with fanning powder. One may also want to look into the many other handlings of the effect.

Positives: Beautiful design, quality, and lots of little extras.

arizona entertainment
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