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Animal Magic Kit

by Scholastic Ultimate Magic Club

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Category: Beginners
Media Type: Magic Kit

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Combine a first-class children's publishing company with top-notch magic consultants and what do you get? The highest quality series of magic sets ever produced. These magic sets have not been available in stores until now. Thanks to a special arrangement with the sets' creators, magicians Danny Orleans and John Railing, we are making them available to the magic community.

The Ultimate Magic Club Magic Sets were designed for children aged 7�- 12 years. Youngsters can master the magic in each set themselves by following the step-by-step instructions in the color photo-filled book and watching kid-magicians perform on the DVD. Ten titles with great kid appeal make up the series.
  • Money Magic
  • Spooky Magic
  • Animal Magic
  • Magnetic Magic
  • Colorful Magic
  • Liquid Magic
  • Party Magic
  • Food Magic
  • Artful Magic
  • Card and Dice Magic
Each Ultimate Magic Club Set contains at least four props or gimmicks, a 32-page full color book with over 125 professional photos, and a performance-only DVD in which the Ultimate Magic Club kid magicians present the tricks. Scholastic, an educational company that promotes reading and learning, designed each set to encourage creativity in children. They won't be overwhelmed by too many props. Rather, the instructions include two or three variations for each trick.

Many original tricks and variations are included by author Danny Orleans as well as Ryan Oakes, Dan Harlan, Jerry Andrus, Mark Setteducati, Larry Becker, Dan Garrett and more. Famous magicians, past and present, are highlighted, too. Some of the books have never-seen-before photos of Mac King, Lance Burton and Burling Hull.

The economical price and Scholastic brand makes each set a great gift - and the perfect way to introduce a child to the art of magic.

Your Animal Magic Set has all this inside:

Magic Butterfly - Amaze your friends when you make this fluttering butterfly appear from all sorts of surprising places!

Zoo Cards - With your Zoo Cards, you can seem like a mind reader when you know which animal your friend is thinking about!

Squishy Fish - Make these Squishy Fish multiply in your hand or jump from your fist to a friend's!

Crawling Caterpillar - Your magical pet caterpillar will crawl through your fingers and even do tricks!

Animal Magic book
  • Find out how to do all sorts of "wild" tricks with easy step-by-step instructions.
  • Get lots of magic tips, ideas, stories, and best-kept secrets!
Animal Magic DVD
  • Watch kids perform the tricks featured in the Animal Magic book.
  • See behind-the-scenes bloopers!
  • Sneak a peek at tricks in other books in the Ultimate Magic series.
  • Meet the magicians who developed this series (and watch them perform!).
Date Added: Aug 15th, 2008


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