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Holy Stretch (With DVD)

by Jay Sankey

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Category: Close Up
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"Adding Holy Stretch to the original Holy Moly effect is like throwing gasoline on an already blazing fire."
-Jay Sankey

Imagine you have just finished performing the worldwide best-seller HOLY MOLY. The audience is still reeling from the fact that you caused a real hole to mysteriously travel from one metal washer onto a second metal washer they were holding in their own hand.

Then - just when they thought things could not possibly get any freakier - you take back the 2-holed metal washer and VISIBLY STRETCH it to a a full 3 INCHES IN LENGTH!

Talk about magic that "doesn't take any prisoners!" It's just cruel.

HOLY STRETCH comes complete with an extra 2-holed washer and a matching, specially-machined stretched washer. The full-length DVD teaches every detail of a variety of very clever handlings, suiting every type of performing condition and each with their own 'magic benefits!'

Add a hardcore KICK to your HOLY MOLY routine today!
Date Added: Jun 11th, 2008


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Official Review

September 15th, 2008 11:05am
Reviewed by Scott Brown
I have never carried magic in my pockets the way I should. When I have, Jay Sankey's "Holy Moly" has received a consistently good response. The transposition of a non-object, such as a hole, is provoking for the spectator.

If "Holy Moly" is in your repertoire, "Holy Stretch" is worth your consideration. Now in your routine, after you transfer the hole, you stretch the washer to more than twice its' original size! By adding one small additional item to your pocket, you have a nice kicker or add-on to your existing routine. As always, everything is examinable in the end. I expect a talented coin worker will create an amazing routine with these props in the near future.
2 of 4 registered users have found this review helpful.

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Official Review

February 16th, 2010 4:07pm
Reviewed by Jeff Stone
Pre-Review "Disclosure"/"Disclaimer":

Ok many of you probably know that Jay Sankey and I are good friends and that we've worked together on a project or two in the past, and we also are consultants to one another.

I get feedback from him on my stuff, and he gets feedback from me on a lot of his stuff. Additionally, I do not receive any sort of compensation whatsoever for reviewing or "pitching" his products (I was not involved in this particular project).

I tell you that up front just to sort of clear the air and to let you know that when I give Jay feedback, I'm brutally honest with him. I tell him if I think he has a crappy idea or a good idea. He wouldn't have it any other way, nor would I. So I want to make it clear that Jay's products get the same level of scrutiny as any other products I review.

On to the review:
Are you kidding me!? Only $25.00 bucks? Seriously, how does Jay make any money on deals like this. If you are not familiar with the original Sankey Magic... [Read More]
4 of 8 registered users have found this review helpful.

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