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Zero Gravity (Gimmick and DVD)

by Jay Sankey

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Category: Close Up
Media Type: Trick

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ZERO GRAVITY really is the ideal opening effect- you walk up to a group and suspend a deck of cards, borrowed wallet, borrowed cell phone, pretty much ANY SMALL OBJECT on the very end of a folded dollar bill (the visual is insane) and then you immediately hand everything out -and your hands are EMPTY.

You can even BORROW the bill! The same effect can also be done with a folded paper napkin, a take-out menu, whatever.

Running Time Approximately 44min
Date Added: May 8th, 2008
MLA SKU: Go2bzlnEjAHvkmD


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Official Review

October 29th, 2008 10:51am
Reviewed by Christopher Carey
Jay Sankey's ZERO GRAVITY is a suspension effect using a folded dollar bill or napkin to support a much heavier object, such as a wallet or deck of cards.

Sankey thoroughly goes over every move, every angle, and every presentational strategy in a very short time. The effect is solid and you end clean. However, no matter what kind of presentation I thought of, it still came down to a puzzle. Sankey argues that one could do this essentially as a silent opener in a restaurant setting. I can definitely see that and I think this effect will appeal to young restaurant performers who are looking for a quick, visual opener.

But I've never believed this is the best way to introduce yourself in that environment. I really think performing walk-around or restaurant magic is best accomplished by letting people get to know you. Others like Eric Mead and Derren Brown feel the same. Approach a group and talk to them like real human beings before launching into finger-flinging. ... [Read More]
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