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The Cardiste CD

by Rusduck

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Categories: General, History
Media Type: Computer CD
Publisher: The Miracle Factory

Product Description

The entire run of The Cardiste, a wonderful magazine from the 1950s, now on PDF on CD, along with thirty other effects by its editor, the legendary Rusduck (J. Russell Duck). The set includes material by VERNON, ELMSLEY, and other names!

Here are some highlights from our package:
  • Over 200 pages of material!
  • More than 90 card routines!
  • Convenient PDF format on CD
  • The complete original 11 issues of Rusduck's Cardiste with effects by Dai Vernon, Alex Elmsley, and other card stars
  • Over 30 additional effects by Rusduck
  • Biography of Rusduck
  • Indexed for easy access
  • An essential reference source for the serious card magician!
Rusduck (J. Russell Duck, 1909-1959) was a Pennsylvania police chief who wrote one of magic's most articulate magazines, The Cardiste, before his early death at 49. His pioneering work with stacked decks and gambling demonstrations in his hand-typed journal and other magazines still resonates in today's card magic.

This CD features more than ninety effects, many of them self-working, with the emphasis on strong presentations and routining. Rusduck emphasized clear themes and powerful climax routines, and both the working professional and the hardcore card expert will find dozens of enticing effects here!
Date Added: Apr 22nd, 2008


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Official Review

September 11th, 2008 12:32pm
Reviewed by Scott Brown
This was a hard review for me. I love classic magic magazines, but I hate e-books! The trend towards e-books is truly disheartening to me and I really hate every time I see a classic magic text no longer in print except for as an e-book. Some amazing volumes and necessary reads such as Our Magic, The Jinx or the beautiful hand-done Rice's Encyclopedia of Silk Magic tomes can only be seen on a computer monitor.

That said, should it come to not having access his pioneering work on Card stacks and thoughts on presentation or the CD-ROM; then e-book it is! In addition to Rusduck's (J. Russell Duck) words and amazing gambling demonstrations, you get over 200 pages of effects by other Card Stars of the day like Dai Vernon, Alex Elmsley and Norman Gilbreath.

I cannot imagine any hardcore card enthusiast not wanting to sift through the ideas of some of the finest minds in magic of the 1950's. The CD contains over 90 effects at a fraction of the price of hunting down the past... [Read More]
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