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ESP Mind Set

by James Biss

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Category: Mentalism
Media Type: Trick

Product Description

Featuring two exclusive presentations:

Five audience members are chosen and asked to choose any numbered seat that they feel drawn towards. The magician hands out five envelopes to be shuffled by a participant and then are handed out. The envelopes are opened and remembered. The cards are passed down and then reshuffled before being handed back to the magician. An audience member is chosen to associate one of the cards with a seated participant and the seated participant is given the card. With each psychic connection, the magician hands out the rest of the cards one by one to the seated participants. The cards are then revealed by the seated members as the cards that they remembered previously. Remarkable! But that's not all, the magician asks the participants to look into the numbered envelope on their seats that they felt drawn towards. The cards in the envelope matches the cards in the participants' hands. Incredible!

Bonus Effect

"Out of Rhine's World"
Watch as how 14 mismatched symbols are reunited with their pair for an amazing "Out of this World!" card trick.

Comes complete with instruction manual and large jumbo ESP cards.
Date Added: Apr 10th, 2008
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Official Review

July 23rd, 2008 10:07am
Reviewed by Christian
James Biss’s ESP Mind Set is an excellent routine, very well explained, and the props supplied are really nice. The instructions come with two routines. One is Zenerbocker which uses principles from his Knickerbocker routine from his book, Messing with Minds. If you like mentalism or mental magic, you will like this routine.

The second trick is “Out of Rhine’s World” this is another very nice trick. He calls this a bonus trick but I find it just as strong as the first one. Both tricks include a well thought out script and plenty of audience participation.

If you are looking for a fun and interesting stand up mentalism or mental magic trick, look no further. This is a winner.

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