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by Peter Eggink

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Category: Close Up
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Peter Eggink's name is well known in the field of magic, being synonymous with both the performance of magic and the creation of some of the most amazing magical effects.

Pure contains material that has been part of Peter's professional repertoire for over 10 years. Real workers for real people in real situations, this is practical close-up magic at its best. The Pure DVD lends new meaning to the expression "Audience Perspective", as the performance footage was actually shot by spectators on location!

Pure is a unique DVD which will show and teach you beautiful, audience-tested sleight-of-hand effects from one of the most devious minds in magic today.

Routines Performed and Explained: "Nothing", "Ambitious Card", "Watch-Up", "In the Pocket", "After bend" and "Pure". As a bonus: "The Endeavour".

Running Time Approximately 68min
Date Added: Mar 27th, 2008


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Official Review

April 8th, 2009 2:16am
Reviewed by Scott Brown
Pure is my first exposure to Holland's Peter Eggink. It appears his reputation as a young, talented performer with a clever side is well deserved. If you are an amateur who enjoys performing close up for friends or a worker that makes a living at walk around, Peter Eggink has a lot of well thought out material for you to add to your repertoire.

The quality of the material Peter offers on "Pure" is high; unfortunately production values are not as good. In an attempt to offer an unique "audience perspective" it is filmed in live performance; this sacrifices production values that allow for an ideal presentation and shooting angles.

Explanations are also clear and thorough. Despite shortcomings in the shooting of Peter's performance, he really shines in his descriptions. As in my experience with other Dutch magicians, his effects are well thought out. No superfluous moves. Motivations are well thought out. If you are a table worker, this DVD is worth your inquiry.
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