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52 Ways to Cheat at Poker

by Allan Kronzek

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Category: Gambling
Media Type: Book

Product Description

How do cheats win at poker?

Learn their methods and how to defend yourself

What are the swindles, the marking systems, and other devious tools of the trade? In this fascinating look at the card sharper's art - from its origins in Renaissance Italy to the high-tech methods of today - sleight-of hand expert, Allan Kronzek reveals 52 of the most diabolical scams ever invented.

You'll learn
  • How cheats can rig a Hold'Em tournament
  • Why cutting the cards doesn't guarantee an honest deal
  • How cheating crews crush the opposition
  • How to spot cheaters at work (when possible!).
If you've ever wondered what card sharps do and how they get away with it, 52 Ways to Cheat at Poker has the answers that can help you and your game.

Pages 192 - Softbound
Date Added: Mar 27th, 2008


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