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Cut & Restored Credit Card

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Category: Close Up
Media Type: Trick

Product Description

Everyone carries one credit card or another. So, magic with credit cards makes perfectly good sense. Borrow someone's credit card and place it in a small pay envelope to "protect it from harm." The spectator writes his initials on one side of the envelope and the name of his credit card on the other.

The envelope is sealed. Explain that whenever a bank sends out a new card, they always suggest that you destroy your old one by cutting it in half. Problem is, it's really tough to destroy the old cards because, after being cut, the two halves always jump back together again. Don't believe it? No problem, you'll show them using the borrowed card. Bring out a pair of scissors and cut right through the envelope containing the borrowed card. Despite protests from the card's owner, you reassure him that the two halves will simply jump back together again. PIace the two halves of the envelope together. A magic pass. And...wait a second. The card is still in two pieces. Hmmm. An error seems to have crept in. As consolation, offer the spectator your own credit card. Bring out a leather wallet from your inside pocket and hand it to the spectator. When he looks inside, he will find -- TA DA -- his very own credit card safe and sound. Cut and Restored Credit Card is a wonderful, commercial routine. Suitable for close-up, platform, even stage. No sleights; no moves; no palming. Easy, easy, easy. Comes complete with envelopes; leather wallet; and excellent instructions. Highly recommended.
Date Added: Mar 16th, 2003


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