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Korner Short Review

Official Review

April 7th, 2004 9:59pm
Reviewed by David Parr
This is a nifty little thing. It's a paper punch that chops just the right amount of cardstock from the corner of a playing card to make it into an effective locator card. If you've ever tried to corner-short a card with scissors or a nail clipper, you have probably experienced uneven results and some degree of frustration. The Korner Short device does the job perfectly every time, with one push of the button.

The instruction booklet includes some suggested applications for a corner-short card: several simple forces and a few basic card controls are briefly explained. If that's not enough to get the mind working, Korner Short comes with a little booklet titled Cutting Corners in which George Schindler teaches a number of elementary effects that employ this type of locator card. The booklet also lists a few sources for further ideas. The rest is up to the creativity of the user.

Although the price is steep for a paper punch, if one wishes avail oneself of the many mind-boggling possibilities provided by corner-short cards -- without the associated aggravations of constructing them consistently -- this device may be worth the investment.

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Manufacturer's Description:

Your card technique is about to make a quantum leap! Kornershort, the perfectly engineered solution to the Classic Card Control.

One of the obstacles to the corner short's popularity has been the difficulty of cutting the card itself. Scissors, nail clippers and nail files have all been used with less than perfect results.

Enter the Kornershort device. Perfectly round, perfectly smooth corners every time. High quality, die cast construction that will last a lifetime. Now, there's nothing keeping you from the joys of shorting! And, it's priced very low for such a quality item.

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