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Meeting Point Review

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March 23rd, 2003 11:14am
Reviewed by Brad Henderson
At the conclusion of Meeting Point the author exclaims, "I believe that it is a routine that will, once and for all, do away with many of the disadvantages that other marketed versions of this trick have (they may require stooges or complicated apparatus, preparation, etc)."

I was really looking forward to this product. I've worked on the Scarne card through window idea ever since John Kennedy posed it as a problem in one of the early Magical Arts Journals. I've performed it in a variety of situations, and was thrilled to see someone offer a "new" way of performing the effect.

I guess the fairest review I can offer is simply saying that inspite of all my efforts, I can't get the thing to work for a damn.

First, depending on your location you might need two people to set up for the effect. None of the glass surfaces in my domicile will work for the trick unless I use a partner for the advance work. The instructions suggest it can be done on a glass table, but it can't; at least not deceptively. (If the audience had a complete bird's eye view, yes. Otherwise, no.)

For those with sliding glass doors or other suitable surfaces, the ads leave out a critical detail. You have to have some sort of decal on the surface of the glass in order to hide the method. Of course, this is not an insurmountable obstacle particularly if you are performing at your own location. However, I would not agree that the "possibilities are now endless," as stated in the advertisement. (Decal - a big blue dot - included.)

There is what could be a very nice presentational ruse of having the spectator mark the exact point on the glass at which the card will penetrate. Yes, they can do this, however you must cover this point with a fan of cards after it has been marked and keep it hidden until the revelation.

If you read the ad carefully it does state that the cards are placed on the marked spot and then sprung, but I think at least this use of subtle language is a bit disingenuous when it comes to a dealer's ad.

Finally, given the exact method of the effect, I have been unable to keep the card affixed to the window after the "final work" has been done. Without tipping the method, you have two opposing force-needs in play, and one must maintain a delicate balance in order to allow both to function in a smooth and timely fashion. For the record, however, I am using the card with materials exactly as supplied, I'm sure with some experimentation this could be worked out.

Is this the holy grail of the card through window effect? Nope, not at all. Is it an interesting idea? Definitely. Would it deceive lay people? Not sure.

Does Meeting Point "do away with many of the disadvantages that other marketed versions of this trick have?" I don't think so. While solving some problems, they have created others.

My suggestion: if you are passionate about the effect, buy the routine and add the methodological concept to your arsenal. As of right now, it's an incomplete idea (at least as it is described in the instructions to us).

Instructions minimal but adequate. Materials complete.

Rating 1 and 3/4 stars, but since someone may actual devise something interesting from the concept I'll round up to an even 2.

Product info for Meeting Point

Author: Mago Anton
Publisher: Mago Anton
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Retail Price: $34.95
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Manufacturer's Description:

Looking for atruly practical, no-hype, great looking "card-thru-glass"? This is it! At a hotel, at your friend's house, in your car or someone else's. The possibilities are endless!!

Standing by a window, your spectator chooses a card. The card is returned to the deck and the deck shuffled (this can be done by the spectator). Hand a marker to the spectator and ask him to draw an "X" at the exact point on the surface of the window where he would like his card to appear. Place the deck on the chosen spot and then spring the pack, shooting all the cards against the marked point. When the storm of cards settles,one card is stuck to the glass. On the outer surface of the window!

It is that direct and strong! To cap the effect, you give the card away as a souvenir. No stooges! The method is ingenious in its sheer simplicity. Do it any time, day or night. No drapes or curtains required. You won't believe how easy it is to present this effect.

After witnessing Meeting Point, a well-known magician famous for his "card-thru-glass" uttered some words Anton did not understand and left the room. Knowing only Spanish, Mago Anton decided to take those words as a compliment.

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