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Magic Mirror, The

by Neale, Robert E. & David Parr

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Category: Philosophy
Media Type: Book
Publisher: Hermetic Press

Product Description

The Magic Mirror is Robert E. Neale's newest exploration into the innermost workings of performance magic, filtered through the professional sensibilities of co-author David Parr. Dr. Neale insightfully identifies the many kinds of magic, in theatrical, historical and social contexts. From this foundation, he creates a method for classifying magical effects by their psychological roots. Using this system the reader can readily determine the underlying emotional content of an effect and build a powerful presentation around it.

The Magic Mirror shows how magic can be comic, serious, thrilling, playful, inspiring. Included is a selection of exceedingly clever effects with full presentations, to illustrate Dr. Neale's points. Among these are:
Baffling Borromean Rings—Three permanently interlocked rings change their configuration, even when a spectator holds them to make sure that this is impossible.
The Last Dream—With tombstone-shaped cards, the performer takes his audience on a nightmarish trip through mortality.
Counting Scarecrows—An origami crow mysteriously outwits a group of "hunters" who are guided in their movements by a spectator.
Whatsabox—A simple box of cardboard turns out to be far from simple. First it has an open top and closed bottom, then two tops, then two bottoms-and a ball placed into the box finds itself trapped inside, then just as mysteriously is released.

These and nine other effects are taught and amplified by the reflections of Eugene Burger, Max Maven and David Parr, who have peered into Robert E. Neale's astonishing Magic Mirror. Now it is your turn.

Hardcover, 182 pages.
Date Added: Mar 16th, 2003
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Official Review

November 19th, 2010 10:31am
Reviewed by Joe Diamond
Note From Joe:

I was given The Magic Mirror as a gift from my friend David Parr, one of the co-authors of the book. I have never met Bob Neale, but have corresponded in email a few times. I bring this up in the interest of full disclosure. This book has been on the market for several years and there are no reviews on it here at MyLovelyAssistant. I am writing this review because I feel it deserves to be recognized and talked about.


I’m surprised how much this book has gone under the radar. Sure, it’s definitely THE most complex magic book I have ever read, and theory books don’t get talked about as much as the latest Buck Twins DVD.

The fact that this theory book delivers with some solid material that is suitable for the right situation in the real world is what sets it apart from almost all other books on magical theory that I have read.

I can’t really sum up what the book is about... [Read More]

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