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Review of Magic Shop Hank Lee's Magic Factory

February 9th, 2012 3:32pm
Reviewed by Dave H
My advice is to always use Paypal if you feel you must deal with him. I ordered a trick and it came with the gimmicked deck without the DVD advertised.(You need the DVD to follow how the deck works. I have had very clever fellow magicians fail trying to work it out.) I emailed them and got told it does not come with a DVD. I emailed back and asked why was it advertised with a DVD. That was a mistake but we will not get a refund or a discount. I then told them you get 24 hours or I will tell Paypal to cancel the payment. I will also contact the maker and tell him as well. In 24 hours I got a complete refund. The deck is useless with out the DVD so Mr. Lee tried a quick one. I will never deal with him again and tell everyone I know not to. Unless he thinks he cannot get away with it he will try to rip you off. I have a friend who had never had a problem but I think it is luck. The product was in store and was correctly advertised and my friend likes the trick so no problem. Otherwise you take a big risk. Being in New Zealand makes any legal argument pointless. Again always go somewhere else!!
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