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Review of Magic Shop Hank Lee's Magic Factory

June 9th, 2010 3:15pm
Reviewed by Thomas Sciacca
I've never had any problems with Hank Lee's Magic Factory-but then, I don't order too much from his site/company. Shipping rates seem a bit higher than elsewhere, prices sometimes the same (higher). Having been through their entire closeup section more than once, there are some really interesting items here, that I haven't seen elsewhere...these 'Hank Lee Exclusives'. One rare item, was 'stack of nickels and die' which was put out by J.B. Bobo himself, and re-routined by Al Cohen. Great prop (brass urn, stack-shell), and again, not something found too easily elsewhere.
Now, here's WHY I'm taking myself OFF of Hank Lee's email list: He prefaces his online newsletters, with updates on his personal life, more specifically, his college aged sons, his pets, his wife, and things that I guess people who know him closely will actually care about. It reminds me of the relative in the family, who can't just send a Christmas card-no, the Christmas card has to come with a group family portrait, AND, a point by point REPORT, on ALL of the latest ACHIEVEMENTS of the family members-you know, like a press release (aren't we just amazing? Enough about us...what do YOU think about us?!) I can just live without Hank's using his business and his customer email list, to tell the world about his son studying opera in Italy-along with ALL of the details about packing up his sons things, how the drive to the airport was...get the picture? (Hank: you forgot to check to see IF I CARED!)
Other than THAT...they have some rare items, some going back quite a few years, that I'll undoubtedly be purchasing.

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