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Review of Magic Shop U.S. Toy Magic

June 9th, 2010 3:15pm
Reviewed by Thomas Sciacca
U.S. Toy and Magic, is the closest place for me to buy props/tricks directly-in my case, I visit the one in the Kansas City area (103rd and Stateline). I don't consider the magic shop there to be the most up to the moment, but then, there are SOOOO MANY EFFECTS out there. Great selection of DVDS, and books as well. Within books, these rare finds, some of them going back to the 1940's-and I'm talking about original copies, from Magic Inc., and other publishers. Books by Marlo, Ganson, Al Leech, Eddie Joseph, and numerous other masters.
Service is always solid-occasionally they'll put a non-magician in there who can't demo stuff or answer magic questions, but theyr'e helpful as they can be.
Two guys, Ryan and August are GREAT so far as demos, and they ARE knowledgeable and experienced magicians. Not just out to sell tricks, theyr'e helpful in sharing tips, secrets, resources etc..
My experience with this shop however is that prices can sometimes be jacked up FAR beyond what I can and DO pay shopping online. I do a lot of price comparison, so I'm gonna notice stuff like that! The manager, Dave, is also a heck of a nice guy, helpful, and also has a magic ministry in his 'other life'.
Part of I think ANY good magic shop, is running into other magicians and sharing effects. I met Jason Dean ('cutting edge cards and coins') and a friend of his here, really good performers, and also goldmines of reference information. Shop online sure, but it's the person to person interaction, which
any good magic shop provides naturally. It's a big place, there's alot to look at. Finally, owner Phil manages to get top performers in there-Carney, Gertner, Kranzo-so yeah, it's good place-just check prices elsewhere before you drop any $ here.

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