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Review of Magic Shop H&R Magic Bookshop

September 18th, 2009 8:36am
Reviewed by DonB!
I wished I lived closer to this book shop.

Having purchased from H&R a few times, I was impressed. Then, on a trip through Texas, I made a stop at their shop and it was mind boggling how great these guys are. Richard had to step out for an hour, but allowed the two of us to continue browsing while he was gone, simply saying, "Lock the door if you leave before I return."

Needless to say, I bought way too much stuff while there, but all of it good stuff.

Then, last year, Charlie Randall brought enough to stock a booth here in Minneapolis, and he is just as nice a gentleman as Richard Hatch.

Their customer service is great, and prompt. The amount of stock they have on hand is HUGE. One entire room for new books, one entire room filled with used books/booklets.

My suggestion to all magic readers is to get on their email list, and regularly visit their site to see what interesting new and used things they have. The good stuff doesn't stay around for long, but you can always count on H&R to get it back in stock for you. And quickly, too.

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