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Review of Magic Shop Hank Lee's Magic Factory

July 6th, 2009 7:50am
Reviewed by whonow
First of all, always check the right panel of the website for a sale. They are usually having one. The reason for this is that they sell everything at the dealer's suggested price (vastly inflated) and then give you a generous "discount" so you feel special. Don't even bother ordering from these guys if your order is less than 100 bucks. Chances are, with the expensive shipping options, you could get your items cheaper elsewhere.

Additionally, I hope nothing goes wrong with your order. Because if something does happen, you'll be given the run around for days. Emails to customer service often take days to respond or even never (not a rarity. It's happened to me at least a dozen times)

Shop smart. If they're not having a sale where you get about 25% off the total you would normally pay, wait for another sale. Sometimes it's 25% off your order. Sometimes it's buy one, get the second half off. Recently, it was buy everything at retail price and get 15-30% off your next order depending on how much you spent. Not such a great deal when each shipment is a minimum of 7-10 bucks for "shipping and handling", is it?

Try not to order from them unless you're getting items you can't get elsewhere. And for gods' sake, if you try to order something small, get ready to cry. I can have an order that's 15 or 25 bucks and easily get free shipping elsewhere. Seriously: rethink buying from here.
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